What is the main difference between ANPR Lumo and ANPR Access?

10 major differences between the 2 versions:

  1. The internal storage space for the ANPR Lumo is 10 GB in comparison with the 4 GB storage of the Access.
  2. Wiegand interface options are inside the Lumo camera, inclusive a Wiegand match list. The WIM is not required anymore to use Wiegand communication interface.
  3. The read range of the Lumo camera is from 2 to 10 meters, in comparison with the 2 Access versions of 3…6 meters and 6..10 meters.
  4. The ANPR Lumo has the option for direction detection on-board with the possibility to attach different actions to the different directions.
  5. The Lumo contains a result list to view historical readings. The results include the detection photo and the list has a search/filter option.
  6. The Lumo contains a Rest API to control the access lists.
  7. The object detection speed of the Lumo is 130 km/h, suitable for most of the applications.
  8. The Lumo uses a CMOS camera instead of the CCD used in the ANPR Access. The use of the CMOS prevents against the occurrence of blooming errors when sun shines on the vehicle.
  9. The ANPR Lumo has the most common country libraries onboard. The country Firmware updates as needed for the ANPR Access are not necessary anymore.
  10. Better OCR reading results for number plates that are half in the sun and half in the shadow.
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