End of Life (EOL) product list

Welcome to our End of Life (EOL) Products page. Here, we provide updates on the lifecycle status of our products, helping you plan for a smooth transition to newer technologies and solutions. Our commitment is to ensure that you have the information needed to make informed decisions about your product and service choices.

Current EOL Product List

Below is the list of products that have reached or are approaching their end of life. Please review this list to determine if any products you are using are affected.

Article nr. Product name Alternative Date EOL Data added
9986057 ANPR Access v2 short-range minimal stock availability    
9986898 ANPR Access v2 long-range minimal stock availability    
9958789 ANPR Wiegand Interface Module minimal stock availability    
TRANSIT Interface boards    
7819102 RS232 / HID  replaced by 9230785 RS232 / HID    
7817347 RS422 / RS485 replaced by 9230793 RS422 / RS485    
7817940 TCP/IP replaced by 9230777 TCP/IP    
9891900 Compact Tag Alternative: window button 9882650    
5402956 Compact Tag Holder EOL    
9961798 Smartcard-Booster 2G LEGIC replaced by 9982817 LEGIC Booster Ultimate    
uPASS Readers & Accessories    
9958240 uPASS Access dark grey region 1 minimal stock availability    
9206663 uPASS Access dark grey region 2 minimal stock availability    
9211926 uPASS Access dark grey region 3 minimal stock availability    
9942319 uPASS Reach region 1 uPASS Go 9234195 01-10-2024 04-06-2024
9945466 uPASS Reach region 2-3 uPASS Go 01-01-2025 04-06-2024
9875840 Adjustable mounting set Mount Set Extension 9567593 01-01-2025 04-06-2024
9943803 Pole mounting set Mount Set Pole 9567631 01-01-2025 04-06-2024
7591152 Weather protection hood Weather Protection Hood 9567658 01-01-2025 04-06-2024
uPASS Tags & Cards    
9945946 UHF Windshield Tag 9946918 UHF Windshield Tag Tamper Resistant    
9945954 UHF Windshield Tag Wiegand 26 9942335 UHF Windshield Tag Tamper Resistant Wiegand 26    
9954082 Combi card UHF - HID Prox Wiegand 26 9954104
Combi card UHF - HID Prox
9954112 Combi card UHF - HID iCLASS Wiegand 26 9959343
Combi card UHF - HID iCLASS
9221352 NVITE Card item on request    
9565906 NVITE Card Preprogrammed        
9222073 UHF Windshield Tag Tamper Resistant Gen2V2 AES (UCODE DNA) MOQ, lead time and pricing on request    
9222081 UHF ISO Card Gen2v2 AES (UCODE DNA) MOQ, lead time and pricing on request    
9222588 Combi card UHF Gen2v2 AES (UCODE DNA) - MIFARE DESfire MOQ, lead time and pricing on request    
9942360 Combi card UHF - EM4200 MOQ, lead time and pricing on request    


This document is for the attention of Nedap and its Channel Partners only. Nedap has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this document. However, Nedap makes no representations or warranties whatsoever whether express or implied as to the accuracy, correctness, completeness or fitness or suitability for any purpose of such information and therefore disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law any and all liability for any error, damage, loss, injury or other consequence which may arise from use in any manner of any information contained in this document. Nedap makes no commitment to update or keep current the information in this document and reserves the right to make improvements to this document and/or the products described therein at any time without notice.

Planning for Transition

We understand that transitioning from an EOL product can require significant planning and resources. Here are some recommendations to facilitate this process:

  • Review: Regularly check this page for updates on product lifecycle statuses.
  • Assess: Evaluate how the EOL of a product impacts your current operations.
  • Plan: Start planning your transition strategy as soon as an EOL announcement is made.
  • Migrate: Utilize our recommended replacements and migration support resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I continue using an EOL product?
A: Yes, but we strongly advise against it as EOL products do not receive updates or support, which may expose you to security vulnerabilities and operational risks.

Q: Where can I find information on product replacements?
A: Each EOL product listing includes a recommended replacement and links to additional resources for transitioning.

Q: How often is this page updated?
A: This page is updated regularly as new EOL announcements are made. We recommend bookmarking this page and checking back frequently.

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