Factory reset Lumo IP address

When the IP address of the ANPR Lumo is lost, you can reset this to the factory default IP ( with the following steps:
The required files are attached in this article. (Lumo_fix_ip.zip)
  1. Make sure your laptops IPaddress is set in the range 192.168.3.xx
  2. Open a dosbox and start a enless ping to the camera:
    Ping -t
  3. connect the camera to the same ethernet network as your Windows PC power up the camera
    wait about 2-3 seconds
  4. run the batch script nano_fix_ip_windows.bat (doubleclick nano_fix_ip_windows.bat)

after execution the camera should be reachable under its standard IP-address

This process may require several attempts to work.
Vary the time in step 3 if a try is not successful.
We recommend to use a fix power supply (24VDC) instead of POE.

note: the attached program is sometimes blocked by virusscans, we use a tool called netcat that is sometimes blocked.
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