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Ripristino della configurazione iniziale dell'indirizzo IP della Lumo


Under certain circumstances it may happen that the network configuration of an ANPR Lumo camera is damaged. For example repeated sudden events of power loss may lead to this problem. In this situation the camera may be functioning properly, but it has an unknown network configuration, which you would like to reset to factory default

From ANPR Lumo Release 4.6.1 on, you can reset the IP address of camera back to default values, as long as the Lumo Software on the camera is working and starting up properly. You do this by sending a specific digital IO pulse sequence to the digital input 1 during the startup phase of the camera.

The details of this procedure are described in the following paragraphs.

IP Address Reset Procedure

The reset function is triggered by feeding a specific IO pulse sequence to Digital input 1 of the ANPR Lumo directly after rebooting, or powering up the camera.

The camera checks for the reset signal immediately after power on for the duration of 30 seconds. The full reset sequence must be contained within this time window.

When the reset signal is successfully detected by the camera, it sets the factory IP address and reboots automatically.

In order to avoid a second reset after this automatic reboot, we recommend to apply the reset pulse sequence on not longer than 45 seconds.

The signal looks as follows:


The reset signal consists of a puls train of 1 second pulses.
We recommend that you apply the reset sequence immediately after reboot and keep it on for about 30 seconds, but not longer than 45 seconds.
As soon as the camera has detected the correct reset sequence, it will perform the actual reset about 2 minutes later. Please do not power cycle the camera sooner, otherwise the reset will ignored.
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