To start a RMA procedure you first need to raise a ticket, by using the "Submit Request" button. Here you can select the RMA Request form. 

Nedap will follow up the ticket, and will inform you about the steps to take. up front it is already good to collect some important data, like the article number and serial number of the product. You can find this on the product itself, see this article for more details: Where to find the product details

For products under warranty*, Nedap has a advanced-replacement option in place. With this option you will receive a replacement product, the faulty product still needs to be returned to Nedap, and will be analyzed by our RMA team.

feedback on the root case will be shared. The faulty product will be recycled, according the WEEE guidelines.

For products that do not meet our advanced-replacement or product that are outside warranty, Nedap will first inspect the product to determine if it is under warranty or not. If the product is covered by the warranty, we will proceed with the repair and then dispatch it back to your preferred address, free-of-charge. Costs for custom clearance are not covered by Nedap.

If the product is not covered by the warranty, we will first perform an additional repair inspection at a cost of €150.
We will then contact you with a proposal for the total cost of the repair.

If you do not authorize the repair, you will be invoiced for the inspection cost. If we receive your acceptance to repair the product, we will proceed with the repair and then dispatch the product back to your preferred address.

We will also invoice the shipping cost for returning your product, whether it is repaired or not.

* not all product are subject to advanced-replacement

important note: Please do not send products without a RMA number to Nedap, items without a RMA number will not be processed.

Our warranty terms can be found in this article Link to Warranty

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