The uPASS reader performs less than expected

There can be several reasons for having a less performance with the uPASS reader:

  • Disturbance from other equipment. Therefore two settings in the UHFTool must enabled, to reduce the influence of the disturbance. The first setting is in the tab ‘Relay/timing’ where Random off time must be enabled. The second setting is in the tab ‘Frequency’ where frequency hopping must be enabled.
  • You have made a lot of settings which reduces the reading performance. In the tab options you can select to go back to the default settings. When done check if the performance has become better and start making the settings again (step by step).
  • When the UHFTool is in expert mode there is a tab ‘RF Debug’ where you can see the reader’s reflected power. This is the amount of energy send out by the reader and reflected against walls/buildings back into the reader. This test can be performed by pushing the start button. The length of the arrows must be within the green lines for a good performance.
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