TRANSIT Ultimate Tag Installation

It is important that there are no obstacles between the reader and the tag. The tag must be in the line of sight and within the detection range for optimal performance.

The indicated side is the microwave-sensitive side. For optimum identification, this side must be pointed toward the reader.

RF Microwave sensitive side and direction signal is sent.Screenshot



1. Determine the best position of the Booster 2G on the inside of the vehicle's windshield. Mount it on the same side as the installed reader (typically this is on the driver’s side or around the rearview mirror.)

2. Clean the surface of desired application area. Make sure it is free of dirt.

3. Suction cup should face the reader outside of the window.

4. Suction cup the Booster to the Windshield

5. When access is needed, push the center button to activate the booster (make sure the card is in the booster.) The Booster sends a signal for 5 sec. If activated too early, it will need to be pressed again.

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