How to manage the Access lists of multiple ANPR Lumo camera's


The ANPR Lumo is an advanced license plate camera that can read license plates out of the box and send the plate information and other data to any third-party system. Additionally, the camera can be used in standalone installations where plates are on an Access list. The Lumo determines whether a barrier needs to be opened using one of its relay outputs.

Managing this functionality is easily done through the web interface of the ANPR Lumo. However, when dealing with multiple cameras, making changes individually on each camera can be time-consuming.

For easier management of access lists across multiple cameras, the ANPR LIST tool can be utilized.


If the ANPR Lumo camera is intended to directly control a barrier, you'll need to configure the appropriate actions. Follow the steps outlined in the article titled How to use the ANPR Lumo "stand a Lone" —you can skip the section about managing lists.

To begin, install the ANPR LIST program (located at the end of this article) on the computer designated for list management. Ensure that this computer can access all the Lumo cameras that require management.

Once installed, configure the LUMO LIST so that the program recognizes the Lumo cameras that need management.

The screenshot below provides an example of how the program appears when launched for the first time

Input the IP Address or hostname, username, and password of the camera requiring management, then click the 'Add/Update' button. Repeat these steps for all cameras that need to be managed.

In the screenshot below, two camera's are added.

Managing accesslists

After preparing both cameras and the LUMO List software, it's time to add plates.

Begin by selecting the list you wish to modify. Simply enter the plate numbers and click the 'Add/Modify' button.

This tool also allows for entering plates that are valid within a specific period.

For instance, in the example below, the plate '56XD67' is valid from the second of January 2024 until the second of February 2024. Within this period, the plate is valid between 07:00 and 18:00.

After completing the plate additions, you can synchronize the lists across all configured cameras by pressing the arrow button. This action will load all the lists onto the selected (green) cameras. Once completed, the Lumo List will provide information about the update status of the lists.

Advanced functions

By default, the ANPR List will automatically retain all cameras and lists. However, there's also an option to manually save or load lists. This functionality allows for external list management outside of this tool.

With use of the IMPORT function you can also import data from another file into this tool.

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