Sensit phase-out


Ordering process and last time buy

The SENSIT products will remain orderable until Q3, 2022 and we will be concentrating solely on maintaining a stock of sensors needed to meet maintenance obligations and for spare parts. For new orders, we will quote a separate price and assess whether or not we can fill the order. As a result, but also because of the current inventory levels and the exceptionally long lead times caused by component shortages, we will no longer take on new projects.

Since our inventory is reducing fast, we strongly advise you to order in good time.

Software applications

Software applications that are part of SENSIT will continue to be supported and updated until 31 December 2029. This gives both end users and you, a Nedap partner, the peace of mind that the SENSIT software  applications can continue to function properly.

Warranty provisions and support

The service and warranty provisions for SENSIT products purchased in the past will continue to be effective. Products purchased in 2022 will be subject to our standard service and warranty provisions.

Our support desk will continue to be available to help you with any queries. RMA requests will be handled by our operations desk until 31 December 2027.

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