How to change the values in the CSV file?

Login into the SIS web interface, go to the menu Settings – Definition – Parking bay configuration and press the button ‘Export list’.

Store the file in the downloads directory of your computer. Open it with Notepad or even better with Notepad++.

Make changes to the content of the file and save it (explanation content see below). Now go back to the SIS and clear the current node list by clicking ‘Clear list’. Wait till the Bindings list is completely empty and then browse for the adjusted CSV file and click ‘Import list’.

There is also another way of changing for example the ID number of a node. Click on the pencil icon behind the node. You will see the following popup:


In this popup you can update the ID number or the GPS coordinate of the node.

Explanation of the values for a Gateway or Relay Node:


1 Parking lot number
DC DC for Gateway and RN for Relay Node
1 sequence number of the node
00.0002.0000 ID number of the node
9.123456  GPS coordinate latitude
38.123456 GPS coordinate longitude


Explanation of the values for a Sensor:


1 Parking lot number
2 Zone number
3 Bay number
00.0001.1111 ID number of the sensor
9.123456 GPS coordinate latitude
38.123456 GPS coordinate longitude


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