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Article number: 9566945
NVITE is a multiple technology reader that enables contactless identification. The reader supports reading a wide range of credential technologies: Smartcard, proximity card, QR, BLE and NFC.

NVITE is the perfect match when enabling multiple identification technologies for variety of users, such as staff, tenants and visitors. Identification is depending on the user-enabled technologies: presenting a card, scanning a barcode or activating a smartphone credential.

Typical applications are access control to car parks, perimeter gates, office buildings and warehouses.

Specifications Size & weights
- Reads multiple credential technologies Gross length: 150 mm / 5.91 in
- OSDP v2 supported including secure channel protocol Gross height: 40 mm / 1.57 in
- Mobile ID Protocol for implementation with 3th party Apps Gross width: 50 mm / 1.97 in
- Supports Smartcards, Proximity cards, QR codes, Gross weight: 0.5 kg / 1.10 lbs
   Bluetooth and NFC Enables contactless identification  


Ordering details Logistic details
Packed per: 1 pcs HS code: 9000002
Minimum order quantity: 1 pcs Origin: Netherlands


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